Material List

Related Standards

EN 12201-4

  • Plastic piping system for water supply

EN 917

  • Hydrostatic strength at 20°C – 100 hrs
  • Hydrostatic strength at 80°C – 165 hrs
  • Hydrostatic strength at 80°C – 1000 hrs

EN 1074-1 EN 1074-2

  • Valves for water supply

EN 1680

  • Leak tightness under and after bending applied to the operating mechanism

EN 1705

  • Impact loading

EN 12100

  • Resistance to bending between supports

EN 28233

  • Operating Torque
  • Stop Resistance
  • Actuation mechanism resistance

ISO 5208

  • Leak tightness of seat and packing

ISO 10933

  • Leak tightness under tensile load

DIN 3352

  • Cast Iron gate valve (related parts)

DIN 3202/F5 — EN558-1 (Series 15)

  • Face to face dimension

Drilling Dimension for Flange

ISO 7005-2 (EN 1092-2)

Is Pe Gate Valve Just A Dream?

For many years, the idea of the production of Gate valve from the PE material has been discussed between valve manufacturers and engineers.

Some unsuccessful tries have been made on this way. However, the implementation of this idea is believed to be impossible because of PE olding material specification is assumed as not compatible with the principle of the gate valve.

Tega Realizes Own Dream

Since 2005, TEGA R & D group has entered into an intensive effort to realize this dream, and attempted numerous calculations, analysis and tests on this way.

At the end of six-year period, TEGA has managed to reach to the needed technical criteria and has succeed the first in the world. Even the biggest manufacturers gave up to dream on this way TEGA Engineering R & D Group feel right proud of their success.

The Advantages Of Pe Gate Valve


Complete PE body and outlets No need for flange or mechanical connections
High resistance to corrosion and chemicals Low weight compared with metal valves
High resistance to break High flexibility
EPDM sealing

  • Advanced design of engineering
  • Processing of Sensitive Procurement
  • High Quality Criteria
  • 100% Quality Control

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